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Consultant Otologist & Skull-Base Surgeon
Madras ENT Research Foundation, Chennai, India

Dr. Raghu Nandhan is Consultant ENT Surgeon at Madras ENT Research Foundation (MERF), Chennai a premier tertiary referral ENT training Institute in South India. He specializes in Neuro-Otology, Auditory
Implantation & Skull-Base Surgery having received higher surgical training from reputed centers in UK
namely Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He is a Fellow
of the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh, overseas member of ENT UK and the British Cochlear
Implant Group. He has a decade of experience with Cochlear & Brainstem Implants at MERF, which is
today one of the largest centers in the world for Implantation Otology and he is currently the clinical lead
for Otology at this Institute. He holds a PhD in Cochlear Implant Audiology and is also the Research Lead
at MERF with keen interest in spearheading the various ongoing and future research programs of the
institution. He has almost 100 publicationsin indexed medical journals and has presented research papers
in International conferences around the world, where he has received prestigious international awards
including the APSCI award, in Korea 2011; APCD award in Singapore, 2012 and BSBS award in Cardiff,
2017. He has co-authored 7 textbook chapters and is one of the very few Indian authors to write chapters
in the prestigious Scott-Brown and Logan-Turner. Apart from his passion to be a competent clinician and
skilled surgeon, he dedicates his professional time to being a researcher, academic, medical leader,
teacher and trainer for his peers and junior colleagues.
email: raghunandhansampath@gmail.com

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